The beginning.

I suppose I'll start with a basic, "Hi, how are ya? This is what to expect..."sort of deal.

Hi! How are ya?

I finally gave in and decided to start my little food blog. While I love to cook, I'm no foodie. I'm no stuck up, elite chef. I'm a mom who loves to be in the kitchen. I don't cook with strictly organics and I don't count calories. (I get this from my great-grandmother. She was an amazing cook, and she buttered pb&j sandwiches. Like, bread, butter, peanut butter then jelly.)
I'm not outstandingly witty and I don't say profound things. I think I'm the only person who finds me funny, and no one has ever called me smart. I suck at consistency. I have fabulous ideas, but always seem to fail in execution. I tend to rush through things, too anxious to see the end result. I think that's called impatience.
If you know me personally, you know that I am a 16 year vegetarian. My husband is a life long carnivore, and my 3 year old only likes food that goes with ketchup.
All that being said, if you still want to keep up with my blog, here's what you probably WILL find; yummy recipes (not always my own,) mediocre photos, happy bellies, and some occasional off topic ranting.


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