Flashback Friday

This is me in all my permed hair, brace-face glory at about 11 or 12 years old. I'm about to go for a ride with my dad in his Cessna 140. (Please enlarge the photo for total awesomeness)

Our whole family took turns that day going for rides. (It's only a 2 seater.) I'll always remember the feeling in my belly when he would dip and dive us.... Like the best roller coaster on the planet.
It wasn't long after this that he died so these are the memories I'll always cherish.

I'm participating in Flashback Friday with Christopher and Tia. You should too =)

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  1. Nobody can take away our memories! Now the two-seater plane? You wouldn't ever see me in one of those - I don't even like the great big, huge, flying machines!!!

  2. Thanks for joining our blog hop over at Sassy Sites! There are some amazing blogs out there, and you are definitely one of them! I'm a follower of yours too! Happy Friday! xoxo

    Marni @ Sassy Sites!

  3. What a great memory! Love the permed hair - I think we all went through a phase like that.

  4. Wow, I bet riding in that was awesome! I would have been way too scared.

    And whatever, permed hair is still rad, haha.

  5. I was permed and brace-faced too!!! It was a terrible year in my photo history LOL At least YOU are on a PLANE :) That is just freaking awesome.

  6. What were we thinking with the perms ... and remember the smell of them too!!!!


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