Flashback Friday

This is me on October 26th of last year.
I was on my way to my birthday dinner.
......... and that is my "little black dress."

2 weeks later, Nathan was born.
THAT, ladies and gents, is a massive belly.

Totally Worth It!

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  1. Awww, but what a CUTE massive belly, right?

    I never really got a huge belly, like I would have wanted to. This last time, baby was only 6 pounds. I never felt like I "looked" pregnant, even though to others I probably did. I just felt fat the whole time. But, fat in a good way. Or... something.

  2. Fellow big baby bellier!! I love this picture! I just want to hug your big ole belly!

  3. i am pregnant with my first... i am having nightmares of becoming huge! (i'm 6 months so far) you look good though! all belly! i hope i can say the same!

  4. even though I'm overweight during my ENTIRE last pregnancy I was sick and lost tons of weight. I rather have that cute belly of yours :) and yes, totally worth it-what a cutie

  5. Ha ha! *little* black dress! Ha! All that torture of carrying a little one and then pushing them out...it's totally worth it!

    PS: I tagged you for an award. http://kitschysuburbia.blogspot.com/2010/10/they-like-me.html

  6. aren't we women amazing?!!! Look what we can do! When I was pregnant, almost 32 years ago, we looked like big, circus tents, with ballooning fabric. Love the close, roundness of you!

    And my baby of over 31 years ago was named, Nathaniel!

    Love your two to pieces, they grow up SO fast. My "baby" will be celebrating her one year wedding anniversary on Monday.


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