I've been busy. Have you been busy? I've been like, REALLY REALLLLY busy. It's the holidays! This weekend I attended THREE birthday parties! The first one being a surprise party I threw for my husband. It was a total success, from the shocked look on his face, to the laughter that filled our little apartment throughout the night.
Wanna peek?

The Spread..
Golf themed cupcakes
Poor Nathan passed out before daddy showed up
Bill teaching a friend the ballet positions
You can't tell, but I am covered in green frosting...
 Jack wanted to stay up and entertain everyone
We kept it super classy
Bill (middle) posing with some of his best buds
 Nathan woke up long enough to give a heartfelt goodbye

I linked my golf cupcakes here


  1. That looked like a lot of fun! I love the golf themed cupcakes. The pic of you is great. :D And your boys are cute as always. Your Jack reminds me a lot of my Nate.

  2. Oh I love classy parties. We've had our fair share. At least you have something to show for time away from blogging.. I just have a picture of my dog (:

  3. awesome! looks like it was fun! and hey... booze in brown bags? HELL YES!

  4. I love cupcakes! Those turned out great! Thanks for linking up again :)


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