Get Pampered!

Hello Friends!
I am throwing a Pampered Chef party in July, and I wanted to invite all of my bloggy friends to the party!

Look at all of the great stuff they have right now! Something for every budget! I just might have my eye on this stuff....

You can go here to view my web party catalogue  and place your order online! Easy as pie! My consultant's name is Erin Mauger and I am, of course, your party host, Becky Melton!

You have from now, until July 11th to order, but why wait!! AND if you spend $60.00 or more, you'll get this collapsible serving bowl FREE

Up this week.....Jack and Nathan show you how to make their favorite cake!!

1 comment:

  1. I recommend getting the micro planer cheese festers vs. The hand crank one. I have that one and it gives me carpal tunnel every time I grate cheese with it. It's really inefficient ;)


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