What's your kitchen missin'?

Much like ANY hobby, cooking and baking require lots of supplies. And of course, they always come out with new stuff and we need em' all.

You should have seen my Bed Bath & Beyond wedding registry. It was FULL of goodies I needed/wanted for the kitchen. However, I was a little uncomfortable and unsure of the protocol on how to politely give out my registry info since I didn't have a bridal shower. I did get 3 awesome items from it though, some amazing new pots and pans, a waffle maker (for Bill to make us waffles on the weekends,) and a Quesadilla maker, which we LOVE.

I was lucky enough that my mother gave me her Kitchenaid Stand Mixer a few years ago. I love that damn thing. Over the years I have been collecting things either buying them myself or as hand me downs. There are of course a few things I lust after......

For starters, I don't have a food processor. Or a blender. I get by with a Magic Bullet but as you know, it's tiny.

I have the worst cutlery collection ever. A hodge podge of restaurant steak knives and leftovers from mom's collections, they are so dull I mash tomatoes with them instead of slice them.  

So, tell me! What's YOUR kitchen missin'?


  1. I'm missing a magical mixing machine (read: Kitchen Aide mixer) and food processor. A good knife set would be nice, but I'm good with the mediocre set we have right now. We got an ice cream drink mixer for our wedding and I think we've used it once. LOL

  2. A pastry brush. It's no fun trying to put egg wash on something with paper towels.

  3. We're missing everything!! We get by with basic old pots and pans and such, but our hand mixer is literally as old as Brian! It was his grandmothers! We still have the box it came in...you should see it!! But seriously, thank God for wedding registries, because we need it all!

  4. I'd really like a good pot or two that can go from stove to oven - probably Le Creuset. And the non-stick surface on my saucepans has peeled, so I'd love some decent saucepans. Well, that's top two - I'm sure there's lots more...


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