Break Time

Sometimes the insanity of motherhood, wifedom, (yes I made that up) and life in general warrants a time out. I have a hard time forcing myself to take a time out most days, and I am POSITIVE I'm not the only one out there like this.

I have found, (on the recommendation from a good friend,) the most amazing way to take a Mommy Time Out at the end of the night.

It's called Mad Housewife Wine

Lets discuss the reasons I am mildly obsessed with this stuff.
  1. First of all, check out the name. Is it not perfectly adorable?
  2. That fun vintage style label. It had me at hello.
  3. The budget friendly price. At about 6 bucks a pop, you don't have to feel guilty treating yourself which is something I'm always struggling with.
  4. The Taste! This stuff is so yummy; it's white zinfandel is slightly sweet with hints of watermelon and strawberry. Even people who aren't big wine fans should defiantly give it a shot.
  5. It's easy to find. I got mine at Kroger but their site lists tons of places local to most people. You should also add either their blog or Facebook Page because they do events all over the U.S. There was a bottle signing at the Kroger near my house a month or so back.
  6. The kitchy cork with its cute stamp. Here's one of mine: 

So. Get thee to the nearest retailer and stock up for the weekend. Maybe you can make up some of my Mint Chocolate Cake Balls and find some time for yourself once everyone has gone to bed.

*Note. No, I was not asked to do this by Mad Housewife Wines. No, this is not a paid endorsement. I just love this stuff so damn much, that I contacted them for permission to blog about it and share it with you guys.*


  1. Oh I'm definitely needing that! I will be picking some up on my way home from work. ;)

  2. Ooooh! Gonna have to track down a bottle of this stuff for Saturday. We're having game night with our besties and there's *always* alcohol involved!

  3. LOL!! I love it! I must find this!

  4. I will be looking for this! I use wifedom all the time! It's my favorite made up word next to mommydom!

  5. yOU HAVE beEN fEatUred at CraftOManiac.blogspot.com! THANKS SO MUCH, CONGRATS!

  6. I have to apologize it was late last night and I was tired... You are Bettie Rocker not Crocker, I will fix that on my feature friday post. SORRY, GLAD i NOTICED! jenn


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