Between the Facebook page and the blog, I have enough interest from you guys to go ahead and coordinate a recipe swap.

First things first. Grab your cutest recipes cards and your best recipes. You will be giving out ONE main dish recipe and ONE dessert recipe to each person on your list. (You can send everyone in your group the same 2 recipes.)

Everyone interested should email me their name and address at [email protected]. Just put "swap" in the subject field if you could. You have until July 21st to get me your addresses so be sure to tell anyone else you think might want to swap with us. The invite is open to everyone and of course, the more the merrier!

After the 21st, I will gather all the names and email you back the list of people in your swap group. The groups will have no more than 5 members. So you will be writing out your 2 recipes, five times each, and mailing a pair to each person on your list. At the end, you'll have 5 new main dish and 5 new dessert recipes!

Now go out, recruit and email me your addresses!


  1. LOVE IT!! I've already sent you my addy. WOOT! New recipes!!

  2. Mrs. Kitschy Suburbia sent me... I love cooking...and would love to be involved in this swap! Woo-Hoo!!!


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