I realized I never posted any pictures from the wedding a couple weeks ago. So, while my babies are still snoozing and fighting fevers, Ill toss a few up for you. I know these aren't super old for Flashback Friday but I haven't the energy to dig for something cooler.

Yes, I dressed them alike. Yes my husband made fun of me for it.

Me and my little dudes

My Jack, the ring bearer, dancing all night long with his flower girl

My husband and I with the kids and my cousin David,
the groom (in the middle)

And these are some photos from our trip to the park last weekend.
I love this shot!

My little Monkey

My Mister and our Big Little Man

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  1. Your boys are adorable (husband included)! Looks like everybody had fun at the wedding. I'd love to dress my boys alike, but I'd never hear the end of it from my hubs.

  2. I think its cute that they're dressed alike. Now that I've got two of the same gender, I'm totally going to doll them up in matching Christmas dresses. They can thank me later :)

    Also, you look HOT mama!

  3. Wow! Your older looks JUST LIKE YOU in the first picture!

    Both of mine are sick too. ;(

  4. I love the picture of your son and the flower girl, it's absolutely adorable.

  5. Super cute! Hope they feel better soon!

  6. awwww your boys are all adorable and you looked beautiful at the wedding!
    p.s. i like that hoodie outfit your monkey's wearin in that pic up there.. i think i'm a sucker for hoods..

  7. OF COURSE YOU HAVE TO DRESS THEM ALIKE! also, sorry we couldn't meet up that day... but it looked like he had a pretty sweet ass time.

  8. Cheeks withdrawl happening right now over here.

  9. You have the most beautiful family!! :)

    I gave you an award:


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