Guest Post #1

This is the first time I've had a guest poster and I'm super stoked that it is Jess. I'm anxious for you guys to meet her, and her ridiculously adorable son Wyatt who just turned 1. Check her out! 

Wyatt and I a couple of days ago.
Hi. I'm Jess Craig and I have a blog called IROCKSOWHAT. I pretty much just blog the pictures that I take and rant and complain about all the hard stuff and annoying stuff about being a mom. I have a 1 year old named Wyatt and like all first time mom's, I'm obsessed with his cuteness. We're a military family and my husband is currently deployed (BOO!).

Anyway, I love reading Mrs. Bettie Rocker and all her awesome dinner endeavors. Although I'm not a cook (I seriously never use my oven... EVER), I have a little recipe that I think you guys might like...

I make this sorta regularly because it's super healthy and also satisfies my sweet tooth.



Make sure to use spotted, ripe bananas for this recipe.

Chop up all the bananas into medallions and freeze for a few hours. Then blend up in a processor or blender. You could add peanut butter or whatever flavoring you'd like. I'd imagine you could add some vanilla or even chocolate syrup. I added cinnamon. Look at how refreshing and delicious it looks! This is THE BEST health food ever.

If you guys liked the recipe, make sure to let me know!


  1. Love Jess! That ice cream sounds YUM!!!

  2. Yay! I <3 Jess too! I'm seriously going to make this tomorrow!

  3. I have frozen bananas and strawberries in the freezer. Gotta try this one. Maybe add a little cholocate syrup on the top. Yummy.


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